about the blog

I struggle to call my experience and engagement with religion or god “faith.” But I haven’t a better word. There are a lot of days I don’t think about God, and I most definitely don’t think about God in the sense of some personal being somewhere out there taking account of my thoughts and actions. I encourage you to slog through my thesis (be sure to read the main page first) section to get a better feel for my faith and god and Christianity. It will explain a lot about how I approach being a Christian; it may not be right but it gives some sense of where I’m coming from, helps trace how I got to where I’m at and gives shape to where I’m trying to go.

This blog is an application of that thesis to my thinking on any number of subjects from politics to religion, from sports to family, and even rants on things that annoy me. I hope it informs and encourages you, while also functioning as a way for me to control the thoughts that haunt me by imprisoning them in pixels on a screen.

I’m wrong a lot. And I welcome you telling me so. Please comment and contribute to what I hope to see resemble a conversation.

Thanks for dropping in. Stay around for awhile. Come back often.

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