#LintonReflections 2016 Day 2

In the Christian tradition I was brought up in we didn’t celebrate Lent. The Bible mentions nothing of Lent specifically, so the logic went that observing this particular holy season was unauthorized and therefore wrong. I’m sure there are all kinds of holes you can poke in such thinking. I can too. It’s not the point. The point is Lent is new to me. I’m still learning what it’s all about besides being a cool way to make a pun with my last name.

I don’t know what to do with Lent most of the time so I’m trying to write my way through it. I’ve learned I’m certainly not comfortable walking around in public with ashes on my forehead, especially after reading during the Ash Wednesday service from Matthew’s gospel where Jesus basically said, “Don’t be a show-off with the holy stuff you do.” I get the point of the ashes. I do. But I think, for me, I would have been more comfortable having them imposed on my hand instead. And I’m not saying the rest of you who participated with ashes on your forehead are a bunch of holy show-offs. Or maybe I am. See what I mean? I’ve not quite dug deep enough into this stuff yet.

I’m learning. I’m still trying to discover what this season will uncover for me. I’ve got 38 days left and a long way to go.

2 thoughts on “#LintonReflections 2016 Day 2

  1. Jim Robinson says:

    I grew up in a similar (perhaps the same) faith environment, and Lent was a curious new adventure for me. I suspect I’m considerably older than you, and would simply encourage you to keep searching. I pray you find Lent as deeply enriching as I now do.


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