#LintonReflections Day 1

Already on day 1, Lent has become an exercise for me in learning how to fail well. With two hours left, I’m near breaking my Lenten commitment to write a reflection all 40 days. And I don’t want to write anything; however, I’m forcing myself to at least write down that I don’t want to write. It’s a start although admittedly not a good one.

Lent seems to always get the last laugh with me. Every year. Fail.

Day 3. Fail.

Day 15. Fail.

Day 33. Fail.

On and on. What is it about these kinds of cycles that attract people like a candy bar on day 26? It’s weird, but New Year’s resolutions seem to be the same thing. Although, have you ever thought about how Lent comes at a perfect time for someone who may want to decide to give up their New Year’s resolution? Anyway, back to the point.

Failure, mistakes, not living up to expectations: incredible teachers. They make us better. It’s simple enough, right? So why are we so damn hard on ourselves for living in such a way that we make mistakes? I dare say life isn’t lived well if we don’t fail well; if we approach it with such caution we never make a mistake.

Lent, I suppose, is about that sort of living. If I’m failing, I’m trying and if I’m trying then life is about more than sitting still, growing stagnant, or not going anywhere. A life of trying is a life full of mistakes but a full life nonetheless.

So here’s to day 1 and to waking up tomorrow to try again.

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